Code Geass R3?

I guess this isn’t really news any more, but I was still surprised when I stumbled across the announcement for a new season of Code Geass. As much as I enjoyed Code Geass and as much as I’m a fan of the series, I gotta say my first reaction was – why? And my second reaction was, WHY?! The first two seasons were great, the story was neat, the ending was sufficiently mindblowing, and it is good. Does Sunrise really have to milk this series for all its worth? I know Geass was popular, but it just smacks too much of Hollywood for me… all those bad sequels being pumped out one after another in blatant attempts to squeeze every bit of money out of tired franchises until fans want to scream.


Maybe I’m being overly pessimistic and cynical about Code Geass R3, especially since not much information has been released yet and we don’t know if it’ll be a remake, sequel, or spin-off. And I could end up loving it and think it’s the next best thing since sliced bread, but urgh. It hasn’t even been two years since R2 finished its run. My new theory on anime remakes or continuations to series that have already ended, and ended well, is that studios should leave well enough alone for at least five years before they try anything new. Not that that will ever happen, especially with popular series. But still, one could hope? :x

On a more lighthearted note,

Bandai baby clothes (from

I personally adore the Doraemon one because it’s such a throwback to my childhood days, but yeah. I want one. ZOMG GROVEL AT TEH CUTENESS!!

From Kotaku: “*This* Is How You Dress Babies In Japan” xD

April 6, 2010 UPDATE: Looks like R3’ll either be a sequel or a in-betweener. Not sure how I feel about either concepts :|

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